“I love mangodrin, it decreased my appetite, improved my energy level and my mood. My clothes are fitting better – but when I saw the before and after photos I couldn’t believe the difference just 30 days of taking mangodrin made. It amazed me! Thank you!”

- Amy L. Norfolk, NE

Results May Vary

Which MANGODRIN is Right for YOU?


The original or “XTREME” formula has the belly fat

battling IGOB131® African Mango Extract but also

includes powerful thermogenic ingredients that will

give you extra energy, focus, and may help to

increase your fat loss. This formula is for SERIOUS

DIETERS only and should not be taken by those that

are sensitive to stimulants or only looking to shed a

few “vanity” pounds.

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This is the STIMULANT FREE formula. It based on the

powerful IGOB131® extract but with none of the

more hardcore stimulants. Instead it has the addition

of Cissus Quadrangularis and PEA which increases the

effectiveness of the African Mango, while also curbing

your appetite and improving your mood while dieting.

This formula is safe for all, and can even be taken

before bed to help fight late night cravings

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*Study shows incredible weight loss.

To view the full study CLICK HERE.

Are All African Mango Products The Same?

No! Only Mangodrin uses the patented form of the ingredient, Irvingia Gagonensis, used in these clinical trials.


Mangodrin works by…

1. Improving fat burning by aiding insulin sensitivity with the up regulation of adiponectin expression.

2. Improving the dual weight control effect of Leptin by lowering levels of C-reactive protein.

3. Reducing the amount of glucose in the body that converts to fat byinhibiting the enzyme glycerol-3-phospate dehydrogenase.

4. Reducing the amount of starch absorbed as glucose by inhibiting the amylase enzyme.

5. The combined effect of losing pounds, improve cholesterol levels and fight the signs of aging at the cellular level.